We are a nonprofit animal shelter based in Moreno, Province of Buenos Aires. Nowadays, we have more than 200 rescued animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and pigs). Many of them are waiting to have a loving home, but others have already found it with us because due to their ages or health conditions it’s harder to give them up for adoption. Each one of them receives everything they need: food, shelter, veterinary care and lots of love. To know more about them, you can read our section  Stories.

Our goals are

  • Provide the best possible quality of life for the dogs and cats in our care while we try to find a family for them.
  • Carry out awareness campaigns on the proper care of animals.
  • Find new families for the rescue

Unfortunately, today we cannot receive animals without a financial manager due to the large number of animals that we have with us. We cannot put the quality of life or the care of the existing population at risk and we do not have government support; our work is sustained only thanks to the private donations of partners, godfathers and godmothers.