In APRANI we have more than 200 animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and pigs) rescued from the streets, abandoned, abused, disabled or with health issues. Many of them are waiting to have a loving home, but others have already found it with us because due to their ages or health conditions it’s harder to give them up for adoption. Each one of them receives love, veterinary care, a suitable nutrition, vaccines, de-worm treatments, anti-fleas treatments and a lot of space to be warm at nights and safe when it rains.

We have an expert playing with them who works on the animals’ behaviors in order to give them a better life experience. We also have experts in nutritional care, veterinary care and collaborators for the cleaning of gardens and sleeping rooms.


We couldn’t do this amazing job without the priceless collaboration of godmothers and godfathers. However, we know we can do much more, and that’s why we invite you to be part of this beautiful deed by supporting a dog or a cat.

How does it work?

We suggest a monthly collaboration, but each godfather and godmother give us what they can afford, that’s why many dogs have many supporters to cover for their expenses.

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